Is Gravity Die Casting Cost-Effective?

After understanding gravity die casting technique, maybe you will ask if it is cost effective to make parts by gravity die casting process? The answer is that gravity die casting is cost-effective for medium- and high-production runs of products. The cost per unit increases when a low volume of parts is required due to the high initial capital cost of the die itself.

A die is machined from solid steel and, due to the irregular and customized design of each one, it can be quite expensive. The tolerances of the die are typically quite stringent. Furthermore, there is the cost of the alloys, the machine shop setup, lubricant and production time. With high-volume production output, these costs are spread over many units and become increasingly lower. The shape retention and quick heat dissipation of the die make it dependable for repeated use.

For manufacturers requiring a high volume of parts, gravity die casting is one of the best options available. It allows for reliable, repeatable parts that provide consistent quality as well as a broad selection of different metal alloys to choose from. Aluminum gravity die casting is one of the most popular and versatile choices for manufacturers needing strength, conductivity, thin walls, low weight, corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties. It is also a relatively affordable alloy to choose.

Most products made with gravity die casting are aluminum castings and can weigh anywhere from around 1 lb. to well over 100 lbs. Applications of gravity die casting are numerous:

  • Automotive parts: Engine components, gearbox cases, componentry for cylinders, electronic equipment and structural equipment
  • Lighting: Electronic components for lighting, control panels, fixtures, housing and components
  • Defense: Military sectors are in need of reproducible parts for weaponry, surveillance and more
  • Medical: Surgical equipment, gearboxes and hospital equipment
  • Electronics: Hi-fi equipment, consumer electronics, housing, tools and more

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