Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum Die Casting is one of aluminum casting processes using die casting technique with aluminum alloys.

Aluminum Die Casting process

Here, the aluminum die casting process refers to our high pressure die casting process that used for thin wall thickness parts. High pressure aluminum die casting is a process in which molten aluminum alloy is injected into casting molds under high pressure at a controlled temperature. After casting, the aluminum die casting blank will be stamped to remove flash around the edge of product. The whole aluminum die casting production process is fast and inexpensive than other casting methods. Below is the video which shows how our high pressure aluminum die casting process is made in our company.

High Pressure Aluminum Die Casting Advantages

  • Aluminum die casting can creat light parts with wider surface finishing options than other die casting alloys.
  • Because of the excellent dimensional accuracy and the smooth surface, aluminum die casting process can offer near net shape die castings, bringing it as close to the final net shape as possible. The need for common finishing techniques, such as grinding and CNC machining, is greatly reduced.
  • Aluminum die casting retains high dimensional stability with thin walls and can be used in almost any industry. In many cases, aluminum die casting can replace steel, increasing strength and reducing part weight.
  • Aluminum parts have excellent mechanical properties, are resistant to corrosion, and offer good electrical conductivity and strength at high operating temperatures.

Our Capabilities of Aluminum Die Casting:

  • Die Casting: Equipped with die casting equipments ranging from 250 ton to 2000 ton, our company can make aluminum die casting components as well as zinc die casting process in various shapes. And both low and high volume production is feasible for us.
  • Precision Machining: We have machining equipments in house also and we can meet all kinds of machining requirements from our customers. This allows us to do machining operations directly
    otherthan from outsourcing factory. Our precision machining service can greatly shorten the whole production cycle and supply high quality aluminum die castings in a cost effective way.
  • Mold Design & Maintenance: With in house mold shop, we can make the dies for aluminum die castings ourselves, and our technical team can design the mold for each part according to the dimensions of products. What’s more, for next batch production, we will maintain the dies for free on a regular basis.
  • Surface Finishing: We will manage customer finishing requirements to ensure parts meet specifications in both a timely and cost effective manner. Our Aluminum Surface finishing includes but is not limited to: Shot Blasting, Powder Coating, Chrome Plated, E-Coat, Chromate, Electroless Nickel, etc.
  • Package: We offer a variety of packaging options for our customers. We can provide packaging layered or by cell. We cater to each individual market all across the globe, and understand that we may have to create something just for you. That’s why we also offer custom designed returnable cardboard or plastic packaging.

Why Choose TCC casting?

  • TCC casting can make aluminum die castings with a lot of grades, such as A380, ADC12, ADC6, ALSi10Mg, ALSi12Fe, ALSi9Cu3, ALSi12Cu1Fe, ALSi12CuNiMg, ALSi12Cu2, etc.
  • With full capabilities of aluminum die casting, we handle all aspects including mold design, production, testing and custom package.
  • We solve problems. Our clients value our ablity to turn complex design into reality, and we can also redesign aluminum die casting, which is not so ideal for application. We help our customers to solve all the problems during the production process.
  • Utilizing most advanced facilities and our rich experience in aluminum die casting, we are professional to produce high quality aluminum die castings in most cost effective way. So we can always deliver products to our customer on time, even ahead of time.


TCC casting supplies die casting solution with aluminum alloys to a wide range of industries. We help customers deliver products that can exceed quality demands. As a leading aluminum die casting manufacturer, we serve a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Commercial and Industrial Equipment: Aluminum die casting services for compressor pistons and connecting rods, heat sinks, bearing housings and many more specific parts.
  • Electrical: Aluminum die casting manufacturer for electrical housings covering everything from LED modules to cell tower equipment.
  • Firearms: Parts for rifles and shotguns, including aluminum die cast trigger guards and receivers.
  • Lighting: LED and other light products plus aluminum die cast heat sinks and other components.
  • Medical Devices and Products: We’re a leading aluminum die casting company for ultrasound systems, drug dispensers, heart monitors, bed gearboxes and more.
  • Meters: Aluminum die casting services for electric, water, gas, parking and other meters.
  • Recreational Vehicles: Parts developed through vacuum aluminum die casting for recreational vehicles, plus lawn and garden tractors.
  • Small Engines: Get small engine parts and accessory design and development from one of the most experienced aluminum die casting companies in China.
  • Automotive Parts: We specialize in automotive parts and systems from cylinders and gladhands to transfer cases.