Titanium Alloy

The casting process of titanium alloy is the metal casting process that can produce complicated shapes in high temperature alloys to a very high quality standard.

Certificated with AS9100D , Norsok M650, PED2014/68/EU, the titanium parts are widely applied on aviation , aerospace, oil & gas , chemical industry and so on .

The shell system and the shell technology, including the control, maintenance, composition and operation, have the biggest effect on the quality of the casting. The shell system comprises a face coat system and a back-up system to produce the shell mould. Apart from the quality of the wax pattern, the composition of the slurry and the stucco’s used for the shell manufacture as well as the physical properties of the slurries, controls the surface finish of the casting and the definition of the features of the casting.

Titanium castings are successfully being implemented as cost-effective alternatives to forged and wrought products for high performance and increasingly cost-sensitive applications such as military and commercial air craft airframe structures. In some instances, these castings have been produced for half the cost of comparable forged and machined parts. For most of the last two decades, investment casting has been the preffered processing route for sophisticated titanium castings.

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