MIM , Machining, or Hammering?

Screw /Pin of hardware applied inn Kitchen or bathroom

For these kind of small stainless steel parts made of 304 with mirror effect of surface which is high end of hardware for kitchen and bathroom .Most of these kind of parts are plastic with zinc plating .The key process for this part is mirror polishing which makes the part looks more nicer surface and valuable. 

How’s the price for this part? Depends on different quantities , it has different process . For example , if the quantities is less than 50,000pcs, it will be considered to be machined directly . If the quantities is over 400,000pcs, it will be considered to be hammered .

As the high cost of the mould compare to hammering, these kind part is not competitive made by MIM .

If you have some question for these kinds of parts , send email to alina@tcc-casting.com. The technician team will be happy to discuss with you .

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