TCC 100% owns two precision investment casting foundries , one sand casting foundry, one MIM( Metal powder injection molding) factory and one machining factory, with over 16 years on casting , TCC are experienced to produce and export high quality investment castings with competitive prices .

TCC is a fully equipped investment casting foundry with completely in-house casting and machining capacity, proceed from mould design to wax pattern assembly, shell making, pouring, cutting, sand blasting, heat treatment and machining. We can build creat rough castings and machined investment casting from 0.1kg-70kgs.

Currently we have around 264 experienced investment casting and machining makers employed, these workers are the best casting and machining technicians in investment casting industry, they are the key of a business success, a professional and stable team are the foundation of high quality work.

Management and services
All our investment casting manufacturing projects are managed by project manager and quality manager.TCC has the professional investment casting project manager and technicians with good language skill to work close with . With their work, the best investment casting solutions will be provided to you.