EN1.4405 , Small Parts , Investment Casting Or Metal Injection Molding(MIM)?

The most cost-effective for the small metal parts which are less than 50g.

For some small metal parts which are less than 50gram, they used to be casted directly in the past. Since there is another process called metal injection molding which is focusing on the small parts in recently years, which process is the most cost effective way?

Mostly the MIM is more suitable than the investment casting, however, It still need  to be analyzed case by case.

Let’s take the wear segment like above image as an example.

The weight is 36 Grams.

The structure of this part is simple.

The dispatch condition is blank casting or raw part.

The tolerance is referred to  VDG-Sheet P690 D1

The annual quantity for this part is around 30,000/ year.

According to this information, It is concluded that the investment casting is most cost- effective process to manufacture this part. For the molding cost of this part , metal injection molding(MIM) is three times than the investment casting.For the unit cost of this part, Metal injection molding is 2.5 times than the investment casting.

The advantages of metal injection molding compare to investment casting are follows.

  1. The High working efficient .
  2. No machining or less machining 
  3. Better tolerance and surface requirement.
  4. Complicated structure.

So you can see none of these advantages are applied on this part .

If you have some small parts to OEMs, let’s discuss case by case and  we will give you the best solution. Please send email to alina@tcc-casting.com

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