Stainless Steel Casting of Top Cap for Bimini Top

The top cap is the marine boat fitting designed for sailboat and powerboat bimini tops. Together with top slide or deck hinge, it can accept tubes in different diameters. Like all the cast marine boat fittings, the top cap is also made in 316 cast stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Investment Casting Process

When it comes to making complex marine boat fittings with fine details, manufacturers often go for stainless steel casting for several good reasons. Compared to machining or other manufacturing processes, stainless steel investment casting may be more expensive and have a longer production cycle, but its tighter tolerances, smooth as-cast finish and freedom of design also give it an edge over other casting processes. This process is often used to make high strength marine boat parts that require immaculate quality and precision.

Stainless steel investment casting is a labour and skill intensive process that involves many delicate steps (wax mold making, shell making, pouring, cooling etc.). The casting capabilities of different foundries may vary drastically, so it is always recommended to have professional casting engineers to review and QC check the production process.

Mirror Polished Finish

Same as other stainless steel marine boat fittings, the surface finish of top cap is mirror polished after investment casting. Mirror polishing is a surface finish that is smooth enough to provide a reflective surface. Normally, the complete mirror polishing involves at least three polishing processes. To serve our customers better, we have an separate mirror polishing workshop in our foundry with skilled polishing workers.

TCC Casting offers stainless steel investment casting and mirror polishing for all your stainless steel marine needs. Our cast stainless stainless marine boat parts are corrosion resistant and rust proof. Besides top caps, we can also provide stainless steel investment castings for other boat hardwares including cleats, chocks, steering products, rod holders, hatches, deck pipes, etc. Any inquiry on stainless steel casting of marine boat top caps or other products, pls feel free to contact us!


  1. If you have limited budget, it is ideal to buy top caps from China foundries, like TCC Casting.
  2. Make sure the supplier can supply polished tops caps, not only castings.
  3. Ask for a sample at least before mass production to check the surface quality.
  4. For custom top caps, remember that the mould cost is charged only once, there is no need to pay again for future orders.
  5. Clearly state your package requirement to avoid any damage during transportation process.

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