Stainless Steel Casting for Bruce Boat Anchor

Bruce type anchors are one of the most popular anchors for marine application and are known for their high holding power and self setting capability. For boaters anchoring in a variety of bottom conditions, including sand, mud, rock, and coral, bruce anchor is the boat anchor we recommend most. It has slightly less holding per pound than similar style anchors such as the Delta/Wing but it generally sets more easily. Each bruce anchor includes a small trip line point at the back of the anchor. While not used by most boaters, it offers the option to attach a secondary line to release the anchor in case there is a danger of the anchor getting snagged. Includes a lifetime warranty against breakage.

Bruce anchors are investment cast in stainless steel and made in a one piece, solid construction with no moving parts, this ensures durability and a long life expectancy. TCC Casting is the professional stainless steel casting manufacturer can supply custom service for bruce anchors in different sizes. With investment casting method and mirror polished surface, we can offer high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish.

Material: 316 Stainless Steel

Stainless Type 316 – often referred to as stainless steel marine hardware. Contains 16% chromium, plus the addition of molybdenum. Molybdenum is what makes, Type 316 ideal for applications around saltwater and other high chloride environments. Learning more on the benefits of using 316 stainless steel castings

Casting Process: Investment Casting

Investment casting, also named as precision casting or lost wax casting, is usually adopted to produce stainless steel casting parts for marine application. Bruce anchor, the most common boat achor, is generally designed and produced by investment casting process.

The investment casting process offers many benefits including cost savings, design freedom, close tolerances, better finishes, savings in machining time, reproducibility, and assembly savings.

TCC Casting can cast stainless steel bruce anchors from drawings or samples. With semi-automatic casting process, both the quality and production effeciency are higher than other foundries in China. The casting tolearance controlled in our foundry can be ISO 8062 CT5-CT6 level.

Surface Finish: Mirror Polishing

After investment casting, the surface of bruce boat anchors is a bit dark and rough.To achieve smooth and shinning surface, cast stainless steel bruce anchor are always mirror polished. Mirror polishing is a hand-polishing process involving several polishing steps, so it is slow but the cost is affordable. TCC Casting can provide mirror polishing service to deliver finished products to our customers.

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