Casted Open Wire Rope Socket of Carbon Steel with 1.7231 (42CrMo)

The open wire rope spelter socket is the most important accessories for ropeways, structural applications and mining applications.The steel castings are used with ropes for safety critical applications such as load carrying structural members in structures frequented by people.

Being the manufacturer of a well-known structural rope company in Europe, TCC is experienced to manufacture from 1kg to 20kg different wire rope end connections . TCC ‘s steel castings is suitable for ropes to EN 12385 and applications to EN 1993.

The operating temperature for the steel castings and ropes is -50°C to +120°C.The Charpy Value is required K ≥ 27J at -20°C . The open socket is 100% has Type 3.1 of Certificates EN 10204.

For the material made by 1.7231 (42CrMo), as the unalloyed and low-alloyed steel castings are usually ordered with a zinc coating, typically applied by hot dip galvanization.These are two key processes for this rope end connection .With experienced treatment in this open sockets , TCC has these processes fully under control .

Tests and inspections shall be carried out in accordance to EN10204.

TCC provide a complete manufacturing service solution for each project and application.For more information on Wire Rope Socket, whether the carbon steel or stainless steel , please feel free to contact us.

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