Investment Casting or Metal Powder Injection Molding?

Which way has the better cost performance?

One inquiry recently from our customer to ask quote by investment casting technique. According to the drawing, the material of this part is 1.4409 and the weight  is 30gr, 15000pcs/batch. After our analyzing , metal powder injection molding is better than silica sol investment casting. Here is the reason below.

-The weight which is not more than 50 gr , it is fit for MIM.

– 316L of MIM is the  equivalent material  for 1.4409 .

-The more quantities,  the higher cost performance for MIM.

– MIM has much more better  surface roughness and tolerance than silica sol Investment casting . For MIM, the tolerance of is a 0.3% to 0.5% and the surface roughness is Ra 0.8 to Ra1.6 while the tolerance is  CT4 to CT6 and the surface roughness is Ra 3.2 to  Ra 6.3 for silica sol investment casting. Less machining of MIM has to be done.

If you have some parts with the below conditions. MIM  could be considered priority. 

-The weight of the parts is better more than 0.2g  and no more than 50g .

-The Wall thickness of the part  is above 0.5mm.

-Complicated structure or shape for the part.

-Higher requirement for the surface roughness and the tolerance.

– quantities better 10,000pcs.

For more details if the part has the right technic , please contact us to discuss further. our email address is

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